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Letterbox Difficulty Rating System

Answer the following questions based on the most difficult parts of the letterbox quest:

Is specialized equipment required?
Specialized equipment includes: Boats, 4WD vehicles, rock climbing gear, SCUBA, etc.
Is an overnight stay likely?
Will it take more than a day to hike in, find the letterbox, and hike out again?
What is the length of the hike?
Less than 1/2 mile round-trip
Less than 1 km
1/2 mile to 2 miles round-trip
About 1 to 3 km
2 miles to 5 miles round-trip
About 3 to 8 km
More than 5 miles round-trip
Over 8 km
This is the round-trip length of the hike from the parking area or trailhead to the letterbox.
What is the trail like?
Paved pathways
Asphalt, concrete, or boardwalks.
Well marked/defined hardpack
Well packed dirt. You could ride a standard bicycle or push a stroller on this trail without too much effort.
Other trail types
Could be gravel, sand, mud, etc. May be an animal trail. If you're riding a bike, it had better be a mountain bike.
Trail? What trail?
There is no real trail. Wheels are out. May be following a stream bed or be very rocky.
How is the the most difficult part of the letterbox? If the letterbox is within a few feet of a trail, don't worry about the last few feet.
Is the path bushy or overgrown?
Not at all
There is no overgrowth at all.
Some light overgrowth
An adult could step over or around this.
Yeah, it's pretty overgrown
It's waist-high or so, or it may be thorny or have poison plants.
The overgrowth is very heavy
I can't see the other side! Some type of machete or other cutting device is probably needed. Very likely to have thorns or poison plants.
Overgrowth refers to any plant or other substance that impedes the path. Keep in mind that conditions change; rate based on your understanding of worst-case conditions.
What is the terrain elevation like?
Basically flat
Only slight elevation changes. Easy to do in a wheelchair, stroller, bike, etc.
Some elevation changes
Changes are slight enough that someone could ride a bike up such a slope.
Steep elevation changes
Change is steep. Probably could not ride a bike up this slope, but could push it up.
Severe elevation changes
The only way up the slope is to use your hands. Going down may require the use of your backside.
How hard is the steepest part of the letterbox?
How easy are the clues to this letterbox?
Clues are simple to follow and aren't very tricky at all.
Clues are fairly direct, but you'll still have to think.
Clues are challenging, and may require a bit of advance preparation or additional decoding while you're on the trail.
Clues require special skills or knowledge, or in-depth preparation (such as solving a mystery) in order to find the letterbox.
Clues require specialized knowledge, skills, or equipment in order for you to find the letterbox. Expect a real mental or physical challenge, and don't expect to find this box on your first attempt.

This Letterbox Rating System is based on ClayJar's Geocache Rating System.